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Prenatal Care & Fertility

A Healthier Pregnancy for You & Baby

Pregnancy is a normal, life enhancing event! And while your family may be your emotional support, we’re here to help with the physical aspects. Back and neck pain, round ligament soreness, headaches, morning sickness, and generalized discomfort and fatigue can be side effects of the changes your body goes through over 9 months. Maintaining spinal and pelvic alignment can help ease these discomforts, all while making space for your baby to develop and grow.

Our pregnancy care includes:

Women under our care during their pregnancy report…

Reduction in
Labor Time

Better Positioning
of Baby

Better Sleep

More Comfortable

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Baby during pregnancy

Removing the physical pressures off a baby’s developing spine and allowing him/her to lay comfortably in the pelvis allows bony structures to grow and develop normally. This is believed to help prevent early spinal stresses that may be related to scoliosis development and other neurological conditions.

When should I start seeing a chiropractor?

We recommend beginning chiropractic care as soon as possible. The longer a women is under chiropractic care during her pregnancy, the less often we tend to see problems arise. It also allows you to maintain health throughout the pregnancy and avoid many of the common discomforts associated with those special 9 months.

Why should I choose your office?

We are highly trained and experienced and recognize that each pregnancy is unique and different. and experienced and recognize. We make our adjustments and recommendations based on each woman’s needs so that she can achieve a comfortable, happy and healthy pregnancy.